May 15 - 27


The Cocktail:


  • Scapegrace Black Gin
  • East Imperial Tonic Water
  • Spice-infused Sugar Syrup
  • Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur
  • Garnish: Lemon

When’s the ideal time for a gin & tonic? It’s different for each of us, and we all have our special memories or moments with a gin & tonic in hand. When Woof! developed this cocktail, we were thinking back to the summers of our childhoods. Somehow, we got to the the now-lost word ‘teeteetu’.

Back then, it meant ‘ice block’ – like a Fruju. So at the end of a hot January day, Mum would say, ‘Come on kids, let’s go to the bowser and get a teeteetu!’. And no doubt while we were running round with our teeteetus, our parents would be enjoying a gin and tonic on the deck.

Woof!’s Teeteetu cocktail is a memory in a glass. It’s the gin & tonic at dusk, with the blush red of a Scapegrace sunset glowing through crushed ice. Scapegrace Black is one of our favourite gins to work with, both in gin & tonics, and in cocktails. Its subtle touches of saffron and liquorice blossom beautifully when paired with botanical spirits and spices, pleasingly taking it into the timeless realm of traditional Creole, medicinal cocktails. We’ve tried to bring this out in the Teeteetu, with the help of the spice-infused sugar syrup, and the sour-floral balance of lemon juice and elderflower liqueur.

East Imperial Tonic Water is the tonic we use when we want the spirit to speak for itself. It’s a trustworthy base from which gins like Scapegrace can fully express themselves for the patron. We’ve found it to be especially complimentary of aromatic drinks that have a spice profile, such as the Teeteetu.

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