May 15 - 27

Waiheke Distilling Co

The Cocktail:

Jewel of Waiheke

  • Waiheke Distilling Co. Spirit of Waiheke Gin
  • Waiheke Distilling Co. Red Ruby Gin
  • East Imperial Royal Botanic Tonic
  • Chilled Blue Pea Flower Tea
  • Garnish: Blood Orange & Purpletop Vervain

Spirit of Waiheke, is our signature gin. It embodies the land, wind and sea. This classic dry gin pays homage to our provenance, Waiheke Island and promises coastal freshness. Red Ruby Gin is the jewel in our collection, an infusion of ripe New Zealand cherries sweetening an otherwise dry gin structure. It’s summer in a bottle. Woven together through the magic of East Imperial’s distinctive Royal Botanic Tonic they become the Jewel of Waiheke.

The finishing flourish of chilled Blue Pea Flower tea adds a touch of the exotic and pays homage to the eastern influence of gin’s botanical history. This stunning jewel-like colour combination is crowned with a garnish of dehydrated blood orange and the violet Verbena flower grown on-site at the distillery. The taste is layered and complex, it’s a journey through rich botanicals balanced by the cherry sweetness, complemented with a coastal freshness and popped off with Blue Pea Flower tea. It’s pure island alchemy. Come travel with us and savour the island!

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