May 15 - 27

Slow Cuts

The Cocktail:

Rifters Reward

  • Rifters Gin
  • East Imperial Old World Tonic Water
  • Meyer Lemon
  • Honey and Thyme Pearls
  • Garnish: Thyme & Lemon Zest

A “Rifter” is a term to describe a forager from the early gold mining era, specifically in reference to those who explored the rifts around the hills of Arrowtown, searching for that elusive nugget.

This cocktail was inspired by Arrowtown’s rich history and abundance of local produce. First and foremost by Rifter’s Gin who we were fortunate enough to be paired with for this competition. The honey and thyme pearls in this cocktail are not only little bursts of flavour while you sip on this delicious gin and tonic combo. They also represent the little elusive golden nuggets people come
to search for in the Arrow river.

The choice to use East Imperials Old World tonic was largely based on the use of natural ingredients and the flavour profile of the tonic. The delicious notes of warm liquorice and fresh lavender in the tonic compliments Rifter’s pure, clean, botanical gin.

A small squeeze of Meyer lemon represents the small population of Chinese settlers who came here in search of their fortunes. It also rounds off this cocktail perfectly by leaving a fresh citrus feel on the mouth. While the fresh thyme garnish is a welcome flower fragrance on the nose.

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