May 15 - 27

The Corner Remuera

The Cocktail:

Whitinga ra

  • Scapegrace Gold Gin
  • East Imperial Old World Tonic Water
  • Kawakawa & Orange Infused Ice Ball
  • Garnish: Dehydrated Manuka Coated Orange Slice & Kawakawa Leaf Garnish

Our Cocktail begins with an ode to the First European settlers making their way to Aotearoa, celebrating a classic London Dry Gin, Scapegrace Gold. The navy strength gin pays homage to the Royal British Navy.  The ice ball melts and imparts hints of orange, flavours of Aotearoa shine through, with Kawakawa, a nod to the Maori people and their ingenious use of the flora and fauna of our country. Kawakawa has traditionally been used for healing, reminding us of how gin was first used for healing in the Old World.

A dehydrated orange slice coated with Manuka honey, linking the citrus flavours of gin and another reminder of the uniquely wonderful flora of Aotearoa.

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