May 15 - 27


The COcktail:

The Elixir

  • Tanqueray Gin
  • Palo Santo & Cardamom Infused East Imperial Old World Tonic Water
  • Fenugreek Tincture
  • Garnish: Red Turmeric Caviar

The Gin and Tonic has had a long journey in its evolution to the beverage enjoyed around the world today. It all started as a form of medicine that tasted highly bitter and the officers of the East India company added sugar, water lime and gin to make it more palatable. Today bars and restaurants around the world try adding different ingredients to favour different palates, cater to seasonal ingredients and showcase different stories. With this entry, I wished to showcase an interesting form of the Gin & Tonic by relighting the purpose of its creation. I wished to take it back to its roots by creating a Gin & Tonic cocktail using old world medicinal ingredients: Pala Santo, Fenugreek & Tumeric.

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