May 15 - 27

O.G.B Bar & Cocktail Bar

The cocktail:

Changing of the Guard

  • Hendrick’s Gin
  • East Imperial Old World Tonic Water
  • OGB Bitters (Lavender & Boston blend)
  • Garnish: Cucumber & Cracked Black/Pink Pepper Blend.

Bringing the old classic forward.
This drink re-invents the classic Hendrick’s and tonic served with cucumber and cracked pepper, by incorporating a lavender and spice forward tonic, East Imperial’s Old World Tonic Water. The concept for this drink is to breathe new life into the classic Hendrick’s recipe, while still paying homage to the history of the world-renowned Gin, through the incorporation of Lavender and Boston bitters. Lavender is a perfect example, as something that I found works well in the drink, adds fragrance, and still has an array of medicinal properties, such as aiding headaches etc. East Imperial Old World Tonic Water is a Lavender forward tonic, so the bitters complement it very nicely and help bring it the lavender botanical to the surface. The addition of the Boston blended into the lavender provides a pop of freshness and brightness. This drink to me is all about handshakes. The handshake between the history of the drink and how we consume drinks today, the handshake between Hendricks and cucumber, and the handshake between the Lavender components of the drink. Lastly, the name is a nod to transitions and tradition, while tying in the English roots of the humble G&T.

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